Presumably Jacko has come out of the tin shack with a rifle leveled ready to fire. How did this get out of control so quickly. I do my very best to bring calm back to the situation.

Once Ulrich spots the youngest member of the family and catches him at gunpoint, the situation defuses, slightly.

And then things degrade once again. Can nothing be solved without violence? Even when I try and pacify things, they attempt to stab me in the back. This is a miserable country. Once things resolve however poorly they do, we toss the dead man’s harmonica back down the hole and get back to our mysterious business.

We finally arrive at the mine head. It’s hot, miserable, and desolate. Despite the lack of any evidence of recent habitation, I am morbidly curious of what may or may not be down there. Once we decide to do so, we then have to determine how to get past the steel security grate that’s been welded into place over the mine shaft. A quick block and tackle setup at the top of the mine head attached to a truck makes short work of the grate.

Ulrich volunteers to use dynamite to blow open the hole. However, he thought better of it and we use our archeology crew to start digging into the mine. Six days of digging, we break through. Time to go down the shaft.

Our first discovery is of a man who died leaning against a mine car. No sign of violence or accident. He likely just expired here against the cart. He was likely trapped down here until he perished. Further down, we find abandoned mining tools, but no additional bodies.

At one mine face, we find that the earthen wall has been dug away and rebuilt. Behind the earth, we find a enormous, pulsating opal set in the stone wall. The pulsing appears to be a reaction to our flashlights. It is simply an unbelievably large opal.

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