Session XXXVII

After much debate over who is driving what, we finally head out to the site of the man bat slaughter. Lynn leads us to where he and his mates fought the manbat. The manbat was preying on the cattle when they killed it and took it back.

Manbat must be buried proper, no pieces larger than a ham, and buried in the ground. In this area, there is a mysterious circle of blackness on the earth that is now being covered by sand blowing over it. There are blood red stones sticking up out of the blackened earth. The rocks, when observed from the center of the circle have blackened surfaces as well, as if some kind of blast occurred from the center of the circle.

The circle was purported to have been caused by lightning, as proven by a piece of fulgurite in the center. We determine that the rock that are spread out amidst the black mark can be assembled into a statue representing one of the icons of The Bloody Tongue. The road is too much of a thoroughfare to determine where the statue came from.

We take samples of the soil and the rock and head to the mine where 75 people died “a while ago.” We camp in the field en route.

Heading across the outback, we happen upon three wave like hills, each with a cave inside around a pool of water. We are informed that we should not camp here, but we feel compelled to explore. In one cave we find a dead body, burned and mugged. Meanwhile, Alice and Dale meet the ghost of a man named Buckley who is evidently the man murdered at the bottom of the cave. “Vernon killed me and stole my…”

Cave number two has a number of dead animals that are somewhat buried under the sand. Why are there animals down here but why not the first cave.

In cave number three, there are snakes. So many snakes.

Moving along, Alice and Dale recognize Buckley on the side of the road, indicating to a barely visible off-road route. We turn to discover a tin house, a shack, and an outhouse. We are greeted by a man who claims his name is “Frank.” Once we pull guns in a threatening manner, he dives in the house and calls out for “Jacko.”

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Session XXXVII

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