Session XXXVI

We make it to Cuncudgerie. Prepared for our excursion, we have six vehicles: three passenger vehicles, a truck for food, a truck for water, and a truck for fuel.

MacWhirr became less and less reasonable during hie expeditions into the desert. He became obsessed with the next expedition, and eventually became impoverished as a result.

There was a recent incident out in the desert, a mining accident they say. The accident resulted in 25 deaths, Derby Dave was one such individual. The accident was a cave in, but the Wycroft Company paid off the locals to avoid prosecution. The mine collapsed due to gross negligence.

Mortimer Wycroft, the “Dead Fella Man.” He received shipments noted in the ledger from the English cultists. We need to speak with him, frankly. Wycroft claims that the mine was up to snuff, but the accident was caused by frayed cables on the elevator – installed by Derby Dave, himself.

One of Wycroft’s men, Lynn, tells us of something in the shed that he thinks we should see. In a shed out back, he unearths the bones of a “man bat.” Lynn is afraid of the bones, once they are unearthed, he backs slowly out of the shed and begs we not touch them. He says that he and his mates were attacked by it in the the desert and managed to defeat it and bring parts of it back. It was of a man’s height, covered in flesh and fur, with fleshy wings between the arms and legs like that a flying squirrel. It had three legs, two arms and one really long ear. It had so many teeth.

A group of Koorie far east who are acting strange around white people. Exceptionally tall Koorie should be seen as dangerous.

John Carver is an American who hunts aborigines. It is assumed that he interfered with the MacWhirr expedition. He may have been a part of the mutilation attack on March 23, 1921 (Handout #36).

Something the size of a bear “stole” cattle on one of the routes into the outback.

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Session XXXVI

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