Session XXXV

We book passage to Port Hedland to try to find Arthur MacWhirr to see what he knows about the bat cults.

MacWhirr has expired of influenza four years ago. He was planning an expedition into the western desert before he died. He had spent a lot of time in Cuncudgerie for his studies.

All of his possessions were purchased by a Robert B.F. MacKenzine. He is an American archeologist here in Port Hedland. MacKenzie paid handsomely for the whole lot. Mr. MacKenzie is helpful, almost suspiciously so, but he provides information from MacWhirr’s journals (handout #36).

We have the exact coordinates of the buried city.

  • Who is “L,” the surveyor?

We are invited to borrow MacWhirr’s journals for study, but we must return them. MacKenzie also has the originals of the four glass slides we saw when speaking to Cowles in New York.

MacKenzie had much more of MacWhirr’s materials at one time. Several years ago, an American Mr. Huston (Roger Huston – from the Carlyle expedition) visited, following up on MacWhirr’s investigations. After his departure, MacKenzie found that much of MacWhirr’s possessions were missing, save the journals which he failed to mention to Huston.

The next day, we head out to Cuncudgerie, to begin our journey into the western desert.

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Session XXXV

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