Session XXXIX

We continue down to level two of the mine, whereupon we find four branches in cardinal directions. North: nothing found. East: submerged. South: vertical shaft downward. West: newest cut, large chamber.

Within the large chamber is a raised dais in the middle. It is almost chapel like. Zhang has found a secret compartment with a book, a bowl, and a knife. The look to be sacrifice implements. While we are investigating the contents of the compartment, We realize the room is suddenly populated by corpses. They are not nearly desiccated enough, and have fully inflated eyeballs.

Examining them up close, they have scratches on their eyeballs. Noting all details of the face of the dead, there is nothing further out of place, until a hand brushes against my leg, at which point I blast it’s head off. We leave the chamber and retreat to the central hub. Eerily, lights start turning on down all the passageways, old, dim lighting. Deciding we need a corpse to study, we return to the chamber only to find all the bodies missing. Zhang and I attempt to get the bodies to return, but to no avail.

We turn our attention to the sound of the generator. At the generator, we find “shotgun shoulder” corpse. After testing it’s absorbency of the corpse, I invite everyone else to leave. Zhang stays behind to observe me lopping off the legs of the corpse. After chopping off the first leg, I toss it down the shaft to discover that the lift has come up to within 30’ of the tunnel and is now inhabited by three other corpses. Unheeded, I drop the dismembered legs down and put the winch into the lower position and send the lift back down.

Zhang and I return to the central hub. We meet back up with everyone else and descend to level three. There are two passages from this level. West: the lights here have a pattern of failure (on on off on on on off on on off on on on off…). When we come to a break in the electrical line, we ask Zhang to repair it. As soon as the line is fixed, all the light illuminate and burst, plunging us into darkness. As soon as we get the flashlights back up, we discover that we’ve been “relocated” back to the central hub. Shortly after, we realize that we are now “upside down.”

We head “east” until our flashlights fail. I insist that they get turned off, and then back on. The track is back at our feet, but our three Koori companions are missing. There are drag marks from where we are standing, two sets one direction and one set the other. We choose to follow the pair, rather than the single, and come across Lynn’s knife in the dust. The passageway opens up into a larger, more finished hall eventually ending in two large six panel wooden doors similar to an old english manor house. Opening the doors, we discover London. Suddenly I am home. I fix drinks for everyone until Ulrich starts shooting the gardeners on the lawn. I insist that he leave, but then turn to take a drink up to Lord Primrose.

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Session XXXIX

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