Session XXXIV

Returning to Shanghai to determine our next move.

  • BatManbat?
  • Australia (Handout 23)?
  • Africa?
    We settle on Australia in the hopes that we will have a better chance to speak the correct language.

We take quick side trip to the Randolph Shipping company in Darwin, Australia. The shipping company was listed as a receiver of goods from the Penhew Foundation. The crate appears to have been damaged in shipping, but is still solid enough that the contents cannot be discerned. It is large enough for one “sturdy” individual to carry it off.

Given the opportunity, I am able to pry the crate open to discover a 3ft tall wooden idol. The idol is humanoid with no discernible hair, but large thick tentacles. It has faceted eyes with a cruel gaze.

I do my best to reconstruct the crate.

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Session XXXIV

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