Session XXVII

Shots are fired and the Frenchman, the driver, and I rush back to the pool room. The first thing I see is Dr. Wesley’s sword slithering to the ground nearby Constance. Reacting on instinct alone, I hurl the tea set with boiling water at the sword. Upon tossing the tea set, Guy dives into the pool to retrieve the tray. I am not entirely sure why.

Once the doctor retrieves the vile sword, I decide that it would be best that we leave, and ask Constance if she would like to go warm the car. Meanwhile, Alice and the machine gun continue further into the manor. Eventually, the gunnery team heads out of the manor and we follow suit. As we drive, we realize that it would be best to instead take Mr. Brady to the hospital. The other troupe will be fine, they do have a machine gun after all.

I realize that there are horrors that defy definition in this world, but I feel that we revert to chaos and violence too easily.

After assuring that Brady and Eldridge are safe in the hospital, we return to the apartment to check in on, and further interrogate Mr. Lin. Alice still wants to kill him, and it’s difficult to keep her off of him. I ask him directly about Tsu Tsi. Her mind was broken when her mother was lost in a failed ritual. Whatever was being summoned found it’s way into her and has cursed her. The Frenchman makes the claim that we have killed Standford twice, and Mr. Lin states confidently and unequivocally that we have not. When asked how to stop Stanford, he begins to recite a ritual to banish him. I warn him to stop, I demand that he stop, and Alice pistol whips him.

Inquiring about Brady’s girl, Mr. Lin suggests that she would most likely be at either the warehouse or Mr. Ho’s home. Having investigated both, it’s hard to believe that we missed anything, but it is not out of the question. He asks about our visit to both locations, in hopes that he can lead us to something we may have missed. With this information, we head back to Mr. Ho’s manor.

We take more time in the manor this round, searching rooms more closely. We find several white jade statues that are as horrific as they are enchanting. I smash them because they are unnatural. We also find a teak cabinet that is actually an entrance to a staircase. Curiously, the cabinet is larger on the inside and the space where the stairs would be is literally empty space from the outside. The architecture here is impossible.

In a twisted basement, we find a glass apparatus that encases a girl and also a pair of horrific rats.

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Session XXVII

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