Session XXVI

After the car wreck, we hear police sirens and hastily collect Mr. Lin and load him into the trunk of the car. We then relocate to the “dead assassin’s” apartment to lay low and interrogate Mr. Lin with a bit more candor. We coax much information out of him, such as his incredible age is an Aspect of Yogsathoth.

We finally decide to go to the Grey Dragon – well except for Alice, who has the only boat to take us there. Instead, we go to check our Mu/Brady dropbox. A note is left to say that we should meet Mr. Brady 9 hours earlier at the Shambling Tiger.

At the Shambling Tiger, we talk to Fergus and he passes us a note with an address from Mr. Brady. The address appears to be that of Mr. Ho. We arm up and head to the address to lend aid to Mr. Brady if he is still in need.

Initial investigation would suggest that the building is devoid of life, nothing but empty rooms and dead bodies.

We find Mr. Brady’s body in an indoor pool. He appears as if dead. Upon finding him, we are immediately welcomed by Tsu Tsi, in good spirits, speaking to us in Chinese. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone with us who can speak Chinese. Why did we come to this part of the world, again?

While most of my companions are distracted by Tsu Tsi, I discover, surprisingly, that Mr. Brady is in fact alive. The Frenchman and I run to the kitchen to get supplies for the Doctor. Whilst there, we hear gunshots back at the other end of the house. I can’t decide whether to go back in haste, or start the car. Unfortunately, Constance is still in the pool room.

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Session XXVI

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