Session XXIV

The dead assassin’s apartment has been “cleaned,” but we found a note (in Chinese) with an address to a warehouse on Koyang St., near the Stumbling Tiger.

The warehouse appears to be a up-and-up, functional warehouse.

We talk to the floor foreman about our missing “assassin” and detect that he is lying about not recognizing the name. After pressing the foreman for information for a bit, I escort our two police companions outside to question other dock workers about the same said assassin. After a bit of interrogation, however, the doctor comes and retrieves Jún to return to the foreman’s office.

Out front, a truck pulls up and a bunch of “goons” get out and approach us menacingly. Jié describes them with the word “cultists.” Things get tense until ultimately it breaks out into a firefight. We do dispense the goon/cultists until we hear a thunderous boom of a shotgun inside.

Upstairs, we discover a “touched” girl who turns out to be Ho Fong’s daughter. While discussing what we should do with her, we hear gunshots from outside. Jún and Jié are firing at some fleeing vehicles. Harriedly, the doctor, the Frenchman, and Constance head down through a secreted ladder into a hidden storage room. I stay with Tsu Tsi to keep her safe and guard the ladder.

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Session XXIV

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