Session XXIII

We make a brief visit to Mr. Lin to assure the safety of Ms. Pierpont on her visit later this evening. Mr. Lin is surprised to learn that one of his guards was an assassin. On the surface, we believe that he is truthful. He provides us the addresses of two missing guards – the dead one who tried to kill us, and another that did not show up for work today.

As we exit Mr. Lin’s home, we see a crowd surrounding a small home. Within, we can see two police officers and two dismembered bodies. We recall the notes of Prof. Anthony Cowles’ lecture about Sand Bat, the Father of all Bats (Nyarlathotep Papers #23). Our “expertise” in the matter leads us to go to the police station to assist in the case.

Presently we believe that the proximity to Mr. Lin’s house may be a possible encroaching enemy, and not a attack originating from Mr. Lin’s household.

We get the opportunity interview the one witness to the murder/slaughter. She heard the screams from the house and saw a giant, man sized bat escape the house and fly off into the night. The female victim’s name was Repartia Wong. The house was that of a “flower girl.” The girls in the house are under the employ a Ms. Gi.

We put a pin in the slaughter investigation and go back to the investigation of Lin’s guards. The “living” guard lives above a noodle shop. Three of us eat noodles while Constance investigates the apartment above.

She find’s a note referring to the abduction of Jack Brady’s girlfriend.

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Session XXIII

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