Session XXI

Our plan for the day is to visit Mu Haisin.

We have petrified an old Chinese woman. Asking for Mu Haisin, she shuts the door only to have it opened again by an old Chinese man who answers to Mu Haisin. We are invited into his home when we mention the name “Jack Brady.”

There is a painting that may or may not be watching us.

Further discussion finally encourages Jack Brady to reveal himself. He gives us a fountain of information (Nyarlathotep Papers #43).

Aubrey Penhew is aboard the Dark Mistress. He is “not on our side.”

The Seven Cryptical Books of H’san. By reconstructing the eye, in an appropriate location, the darkness can be further held back. Dr Mu has portions of the Cryptical Books, but not a complete record.

Understandably nervous about exposure, Dr. Mu requests that we not visit unless absolutely necessary. He says that he will have a dead drop set up, a post box under the name Feng Wu Pei.

From one of Mu’s contacts, we get a list of several “persons with occult knowledge” in Shanghai. Four of us spend several days tracking down the people on the list and interrogate them. One of which is Lin Wang Hiu.

Mr. Lin is a man from China who happens to be currently visiting Shanghai, residing at a very large manor in the city. The manor is lined with goons.

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Session XXI

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