Session XX

Ho Fong imports : Leads the Order of the Bloated Woman. They are a very dangerous cult. Mr. Ho is a very dangerous man.

DAR ship is “Dark Mistress” owned by Alfred Pinhurst (who may or may not be a real person), and the crew looks like frogs.

We retire to the British Concession to see if we can learn more about Charles Grey. I inquire as to where I can get more boom for my stick in order to try and get a lead. I receive an address for an arms dealer in the concession.

The arms dealer provides addresses for Charles Grey Ltd in both Shanghai and Rangoon. When we visit the Shanghai office, not expecting anything, we actually run into Mr. Grey. I appeal to his basic nature and ask him directly if he will help us. He gives me a card and, without looking at it, I put it in my pocket. As he leaves, he suggests that we “Have a look around. Be forthright.”

The card has an address for Mu Haisin – a resident of Shanghai.

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Session XX

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