Session XLVIII

Waylaid by Mimis, we continue to plan how we’re going to blow up the anus. We send Stanley to talk to the Mimis and defuse the situation.

Stanley comes back and reports that the polyps do not come from the fleshy portal, but from “the jar.” He still has no information on the orifice, however. We kindly send him back to inquire about the orifice. He returns to explain that beyond the wall is a great, ancient creature that is dangerous to our world. After a brief debate, we decide to go deal with “the jar” and possibly come back to investigate the creature beyond the wall.

A pit of horrors lay ahead, filled with screams, laughter, terror, and gibbering. Guy goes and investigates, returning with some concern. Constance goes and investigates, getting a closer look than Guy. She drops to her hands and knees and peers into the pit with a flashlight. When she does not turn to leave, I steel myself and go to retrieve her. When I find her, she is hysterical, laughing uncontrollably. We send Ulrich and Guy to blow it up.

Leaving the scene, there is a rumble and the earth shakes. Behind us, a massive tentacle rises up out of the pit and we accelerate to a run. We end up in a “town plaza.”

Continuing back along the trail, we come to a kind of massive sand trap.

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Session XLVIII

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