Session XLVII

Many of the survivors of the workforce now carry Cthuloid spawn inside of them. I advise that everyone else come up with a plan to save me from simply blowing the entrance closed and shutting the city off from the outside world, indefinitely.

In order to separate myself from the decisions, good or bad, I decide to venture back out into the city to see if we’ve missed anything. Constance, Stanley, and Ulrich choose to accompany me.

We find a massive grey cylindrical building, in contrast to all of the other structures that are jet black. There is a fleshy, moat-like ring around the building, making it only that much more disturbing. Circumnavigating the structure, we find an opening to an adjacent building with circular stairs. Climbing up this building, we should be able to see over the wall. Part way up the stairs, we locate a side room with a disturbing mutation of an Aborigine. Despite doing massive amounts of damage, it continues to fight, inhumanly.

We find a suspended disk of odd material that, once spun, begins to form a sort of language. Constance and I immediately look away, but Stanley and Ulrich continue to watch as it imparts information upon them. Ulrich, who stares at it longer, ages four months before our eyes and describes the end of the world, at the hands of a young Asian girl.

Climbing the rest of the tower, we are able to see over the wall to discover a giant, fleshy sphincter. While assuming in a best case scenario that it is the source of the polyps, our worse case guess cannot be put into reasonable thought.

Realizing that we are incapable of throwing dynamite far enough to get it into the sphincter, so we decide to head back and see how the study of the impregnated brainless work-force is going. Hoping, morbidly, that there are some expendable “zombies.”

Unfortunately, we realize after inquiring, that the infected are not zombies, and the zombies aren’t “expendable” in the eyes of all the party members. Stanley makes an offer to carry the dynamite in alone. Many plans are considered for closing the fleshy portal.

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Session XLVII

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