Session XLVI

Lightning guns have been distributed to us by the PseudoScientist.

Dale has a long conversation with the PseudoScientist.

Several of us make an agreement to let the PseudoScientist have control over the “zombrains” to clear roads for him in exchange for repair. Stanley, on the other hand has a hard time with this.

The PseudoScientist says that Dr. Huston is somewhere in the city. It is entirely possible that Carver is a pseudonym for Huston. He begins the process of repairing the “zombrains” and shares the most recent region of activity in the city – where likely Huston and/or Carver may be.

We head back to the ruins of the Victorian house and head further into the excavation and find a dig site in the cavern wall.

As we follow the excavated passage, we hear a man shouting demandingly to “Hurry, work faster!” followed by “Finally!”

We catch up with the excavating party and Guy attempts to shoot the “slave driver” only to discover that his gun is non-functional. Nevertheless, we have numbers on him and he is quickly defeated.

The excavation leads to an ancient futuristic laboratory. Despite my intent to destroy it, I am prevented from doing so. Xiao goes into the laboratory and meddles with some machinery and then leaves, concerned that maybe something dangerous has been activated. I demand that he ask the PseudoScientist what he’s done, since he clearly has no idea.

I’m done negotiating with aliens.

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Session XLVI

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