Session XLIX

So much sand! Must not be buried alive!

Looking for a handle. A handle to stop up the sink. There is not, however, a handle. Inevitably, we have to just push the stopper in with brute force.

Having sealed “The Jar,” we cave in the passage to the polyp portal and leave the underground city.

Upon leaving the city, we pile cars and lightning guns into the opening passage and collapse the entrance… causing a massive sinkhole.

Three weeks later, we board a train to Darwin where we will finally leave this God forsaken hellscape. During that journey, Stanley asks to join us… to avenge the deaths of his tribesmen.

On the train ride back to Darwin, a rainstorm hits. The hissing of the rain on the engine and the cars starts to create a whisper as if to say “you have changed nothing.”

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Session XLIX

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