Session XLIV

I awaken away from the horrors, surrounded by my companions. We continue further on into the depths, avoiding the hemispherical structure that tortured us so.

We identify a large electrical cable in the distance that is humming with unnatural electrical energy. Concerned, we send our scout – Stanely – ahead.

After waiting for Stanley for some time, we wander off to locate him. We come across a building with a green glow. Within the building, there is a strange box emitting the green light. While I refuse to look at it, after some manipulating, Ulrich somehow releases Stanley from within. Stanley tells us that he’s been in “the spirit world” version of the underground city – as a guest – for nine years.

Heading back out into the city, we come across a maintenance shed, where a woman is repairing one of the many generators. While questioning her, we learn that John Carver is present in the city. We urge her to leave and go to chase him down.

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Session XLIV

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