Session XLIII

We continue into the darkness, the fire light continuing to remain in the far distance, as if we are making no progress, whatsoever.

We finally come upon a scene: two cultists lay prone on the floor staring at the “sky,” another two cower against a mausoleum, and one holding the remains of a lightning gun. Accepting them as not a threat, we move along.

As we turn away, Guy emits a piercing scream and races past us. Taking his cue, we run away. As we flee, buildings crash and shatter behind us. Eventually, we come to the sting of electric lights and follow them back to the generator.

The generator appears to be surrounded by a small supply cache. The lighted road appears to lead to a dome, a perfect hemisphere that could be the center of Necropolis.

New Rule: Never step in front of Guy.

We finally relent to going into the dome. Inside the 2,000 foot dome is another inner dome that is 500 foot, glowing, pulsing hemisphere. Beside the inner hemisphere is a small (3 foot) block and a tall (25 foot) figure.

Ulrich turns a light on the figure to reveal some of the most horrific visages we have ever, ever seen. “Please off the light.”


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Session XLIII

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