Session XLII

While some of the vehicles still contain our possessions, much of our goods have been ransacked and spread throughout the campsite.

The one Koori has retreated back into the cave, and shortly afterward, a gun fires out of the darkness. In order to attempt to gain the advantage, we shut off the generator, only to learn that there is another generator further down in the maw.

And immediately things get out of hand, and they bring out a camera to attack us with.

In order to put a cap on this, I endeavor to back the water truck into the hole.

Ulrich shoots the camera which results in a giant, static explosion, killing all the men in the mouth of the mine and ending the initial conflict. We then gather tools and weapons and head into the cave. It starts out like a natural subterranean passageway, but then opens up into a massive black void.

An incredibly long descent into blackness, we come the floor of the chasm, where a tunnel leads into the wall, along with a new line of lightbulbs. The passage turns natural again before opening up into a large necropolis. A firelight dances somewhere in the midst of the city of the dead, as well as the chugging sounds of the generator.

Searching through the tombs, we find some remnants of bone and scraps of paper. We are interrupted by a “patrol.” We attempt to take them out quietly, but fail to do so and the guns come out again.

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Session XLII

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