Session XLI

We drive… for hours looking for the town two miles away. When the truck overheats, we see a pack of dingoes on the next dune. Someone or something whistles to them and they retreat behind the dune.

We reevaluate where we are after two hours of driving, and determine we are more like two days travel from where we thought we were, but near to a very small town. We pour the last of our drinking water into the radiator and head toward Bungabinniwell. As we drive away, the dingoes appear on a nearer dune, but rapidly fade off into the distance.

In the public house, we meet a man who provides us with water, beer, and mystery shots. There is a sudden rumble of thunder, with scant a cloud in the sky.

Desperate to get moving, I set to repairing the truck with a makeshift bed and cover so that we can carry water and supplies back out into the outback. Unfortunately a walk to the salvage yard yields an intense, oppressive heat and the sound of locusts approaching. The salvager is unconscious in his shack, surrounded by vessels of water. We rush/stumble back to the public house and try to protect it for the impending swarm. It is determined that the root cellar would be safer and we move downstairs. We realize that those not effected by the heat also do not hear the locusts.

Huddled in the root cellar, there is a thud from above and all light that was beaming through the ceiling is blotted out by something moving around the public house. We all hush until the shadow disappears in a gust of wind. Immediately the heat begins to relent and the sound of locusts dissipates.

The impossible heat begs the question, was this the same kind of heat that drove Carlyle and his expedition from Egypt (handout #5).

Could the sun have been blotted out by “the God of the Black Wind?” Was this the “winged creature” come down from the “Mountain of the Black Winds to carry people off” (handout #21)?

Several of us return to the junk shop to salvage the parts we need to improve the truck. While there, I search around for something that may have caused brought the Father of All Bats to Bungabinniwell. Under Mattie’s cot, we find markings that trail from the water bottles to a coppery brass bowl filled with an mysterious black liquid. I make notes for later library study.

After improving the track, I begin to inquire as to whether Mattie was a cultist, or a victim. Returning to his shack, Stanley identifies a massive snake track circling the shack and then heading off to the north east – in the presumed direction of the ruined city.

Back on a trail to the ruins, we come across a man riding a camel. We stop and ask him where he has come from. He claims that strange things have been happening back where he came from, earthshakes, bat swarms, and missing Koori. Alice buys all his digging tools and we part ways.

We arrive at the expedition location to find our trucks parked around a campsite near an excavated area. An operating electrical generator is running in the middle of the camp. Amidst the vehicles is a Koori man staring at us, but not one of our Koori. We can see the mysterious stone blocks sticking up out of the ground.

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Session XLI

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