Session XL

There is neither gin nor jam in the house. The pantry has been replaced with a hallway to the second floor library, wherein Alice is drinking. The non-existent grandfather clock has stopped with the pendulum in the upward swing. Whence the bell tolls again, I set to making a Sidecar for the master, as it requires no gin.

The master’s door is locked, but we here muttering beyond. Glass breaks so I run to the other entrance to his suite, which has a numbered brass plate attached: 410.

In the room is Veronica, dying on the floor and Jackson Elias dead on the bed of this New York hotel. I run to Veronica to try to administer some first aid. Alice, who had been following us, goes and checks on Jackson. We find Zhang and Ulrich to get assistance for Veronica. Ulrich is overheating, so I run and grab a cold compress while Zhang sees to Veronica.

Stanley enters and assists with Veronica, while Zhang runs off to follow some stranger.

The bell rings again and Constance races off to see to the master.

We are now in the mine. Shanon, Janice, and Lynn are still missing.

Back on the surface, the mine head is gone, as are the trucks, and any evidence that we were ever here. We may have exited the mine from a different passage. Regardless of our suspicion, Alice and Stanley insist that we should follow the road to civilization, leaving our trucks and gear behind.

While we argue about whether we should continue down the road or retreat back into the caves, while Alice heads off without us. We relent to taking Stanley’s advice and head toward “town.”

Along the route, we come across an abandoned tent town that appears to have been a mining supply location. There are tents, a shack of explosives, and a Ford truck.

The truck is salvageable and I set upon repairing it.

Once we learn that there is a beast in the vicinity with a 6-foot foot, we hurry to get the truck running and leave immediately.

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Session XL

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