Session VIII

We arrive in London to discover that there have been several mass murders in New York City… “waves of mass murders.”

We visit the Penhew Foundation.

Jackson Elias came to speak to E. Gavigan within the past three months, inquiring about the expedition himself.

They have, in storage, several smaller artifacts from the Egyptian leg of the expedition. Larger artifacts are housed at the British Museum.

Aubrey Penhew was a descendant of the founder of the foundation. He was a good hearted individual, concerned with the education of people. Descended from William the Conquerer. An Egyptologist, held in high regard by his peers.

Mr. Gavigan is nervous to share information. He is hesitant to share details with us, but we manage to get him to tell us about the involvement of M’Weru in the planning of the expedition. During the course of the expedition, M’Weru stole the majority of the expeditions funds and ran off. This was the true cause of the Nairobi shift.

Mr. Gavigan plots out the original itinerary as best as possible, but it is very sketchy.

There was an odd relationship between Mr. Carlyle and Ms. Masters. Showing concern for Carlyle’s physical and emotional state, Ms. Masters evidently suggested that the expedition spend the height of the summer in Kenya.

Mr. Carlyle was apt to letting himself be led by women.

All correspondence passed through the foundation, on its way to his family. Penhew’s uncle (who’s name is provided on a slip of invisible paper) would be the ultimate recipient for the letters.

Mr. Penhew had no office in the Foundation, he conducted most of his business out of his home office.

When we leave, the doors are closed and locked behind us – well before closing hour. We also appear to be being watched by several rough looking gentleman.

A bunch of dockworkers chat with us outside the foundation. They seem to have some interest in us, but nothing we can pry out of them. They do share that there was a librarian who recently quit by the name of Bibery.

I overtly follow Mr. Gavigan after hours to the Diamondback – a gentleman’s club.

Mr. Bibery had taken a job at the National Museum.

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Session VIII

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