Session LXXIII

TsuZi is waiting for me – patiently. She directs me, silently, to peer out the window. Nairobi has been replaced by a cemetery in London. I leave the bed and cross the street to the cemetery. In the cemetery is a man in tattered rags. His name is Pickman.

He says he has been sent to tell me what is going on – what is happening while I sleep. His children have been disturbed by something, and are running amok. He tells me that “she for whom I care” is in danger, that not all things that are mysterious are dangerous.

The man who started this, who stirred everything up, should be sent to Pickman to deal with. Sending this man away – killing him – will stop things getting worse. I believe him to be talking about Carlisle, but Pickman insists that anyone who can make such a mess, must still be at large. That begs the question, is it Carlisle or is there another?

Lastly, he explains that his children are a thing known as Changelings, creatures that live with humans to learn how to behave. These that are plaguing Nairobi have not learned. They are too young yet. There are a small number of them at the massacre site, and were they to be invited to live with the humans, Pickman promises that the restless would fall in line.

In short, to save Nairobi, we must visit the massacre site and find homes for the Changeling that live there.

Pickman further teaches me about “dreaming appearance” and explains that just because I’m wearing a hospital gown in my sleep, need not mean I am wearing one in the dream. With effort and focus, I am able to put myself in pants.

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Session LXXIII

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