Session LXVI

We talk with Omar Shakti at length, trying to trip him up into giving away any valuable information, but he succeeds at remaining stoic and aloof.

On our way back to Cairo, we are followed by three vehicles.

One of the gentlemen following us introduces himself as Edward Ironsides, a reporter. He continually asks questions about Sr. Primrose. I am disinclined to divulge any information about my former master.

Another gentleman, a Kenyan, seems to be obsessed with the cults of the world, and compliments us on our efficiency in disbanding certain sects.

Tomorrow we depart for Kenya – once again leaving with a distinct sense of incompleteness.

On the final train ride to Kenya, we see visions of Shub Niggurath rampaging across the grasslands.

We fail to stop in Mombasa, despite having several news articles and notes from Carlyle’s time there.

In Nairobi, we need to look up:
- Johnstone Kenyatta (Handout 21) who reported on the massacre of the Carlyle Expedition.
- “Mr. Harvis” (Handout 10) who was a part of the trial against the Nandi tribesmen, implying that the attack was racially motivated.

On the final day of rail travel, the train bursts into flames and to animate fires physically attack us. Disbelieving, I try to wake up while everyone else attempt to fight the fire.

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Session LXVI

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