Session LXV

The American gentleman returns from the crack in the wall, bloodied and babbling about crocodile headed men. He says that he also saw an old woman being abducted… we assume Agatha. Whether she was being abducted or simply traveling with the crocodilians remains to be determined.

We track activity to a hallway that ends in a pair of golden doors, overlooked by a bas relief for the Black Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, Nyarlathotep. Beyond the doors is a massive room – so large the light cannot illuminate the far walls. There are hundreds of people lining the room, all facing away from the doors, unaware of us. At the center of the chanting masses we see Agatha, Mr. Gardner and Mr. XXXX chained up.

Deciding that there is no way that we can safely save them, we close the doors and move along. We come to a series of friezes of horrific creatures and imagery. I begin to wonder what the ramifications of not intervening will be.

Everyone has generally the same thought as the passage continues uphill and we turn and return to the giant room. We notice the friezes have changed in the time since we walked past them originally, which is disconcerting but not intimidating. We return to the doors and listen hear an elderly woman’s voice wailing in terror. Then, before I know it, several folks are throwing hand grenades into the crowd.

And then there was running, and shooting, and stabbing, and death.

After escaping there is rest and dreams. The next day we visit with Mr. Omar Shakti, who may in fact be the leader of the cult in this region.

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Session LXV

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