Session LXIII

A dream in the desert. I cross the sands to an empty city that, as the sun descends, reveals the shadows of its inhabitants. I cross the river of the dead and look back at the Necropolis that I have left behind. Feeling better, I enter the temple on the opposite bank. I meet a bird headed man who gives me a choice to continue forward or back. Continuing forward, I meet Tsu Tsi in the temple, who I offer my hand. She leads me to a room filled with the statues of kings or gods. Staring at one in particular, with an enchanted glow, I am transported to the base of a massive statue – a statue of the Black Pharaoh. Looking away, I am blasted by a sandstorm and the statue is replaced by the Sphinx. The Sphinx appears hollow and Nitocris is within. As I approach her, she screams and transforms into scarabs. As they attack me, I awake.

The next day we scour the campsite for clues. Exhausting all options, I volunteer to be lowered into the mysterious well. This is now the worst idea I’ve had. After searching every inch of the camp, we implode the dig site and head to Cairo.

Once in Cairo, we drop off the lone survivor of the expedition, Lady Agatha Broadmore, at the British Embassy. We then go to visit with Mr. Gardner for more information of the Giza Sphinx. When asked about chambers within or below the Sphinx, he gets very animated. He was very interested in investigating the Sphinx when the Clive expedition was in Giza, but Dr. Clive always had “something better to do.” Mr. Gardner very much believes that there are unexplored chambers within the Sphinx. He believes that there is a labyrinth or an entire city beneath the Sphinx. In fact, it was this belief that led him join the Clive expedition in the first place.

The Sphinx is wrong on many accounts. For one, there is no writing on the Sphinx itself, nor on the temples around the Sphinx. Only on the stones surrounding the Sphinx. It is uncommon for anything in Ancient Egypt to not have hieroglyphs. Secondly, all Egyptian religion refers to humans with animal heads, so an animal with a human head is distinctly unusual.

After one day in Cairo, we are called in for questioning in the disappearance of Lady Agatha Broadmore. It turns out she was given accommodations at a nearby hotel and disappeared in the night. She had guards, who evidently were unable to keep an eye on her.

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Session LXIII

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