Session LXI

I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m glad to have not gone to meet Unba.

Back at the dig, Winfield takes a suspiciously introspective moment at the well before miraculously finding new information. Then he finds excuses for all of us (investigators) to leave.

Shortly after going to fetch Dr. Clive, we hear the sound of a gunshot or minor explosion off in the dig and rush back to the ruins. An explosion has gone off, turning sand to glass and burning to a char (we presume) Mr. Winfield. We attempt to go into investigate the wreckage – I believe – several times.

But then the overseer comes to get us out of the construction site because we aren’t supposed to be in there because we are simple workers and should be moving rocks across at the temple site. At least the Sphinx is providing some shade. I certainly wish I could have a drink of water. And for some reason, all I can think of is the number 337.

That evening, preparing food for the workers, I realize I have not seen my sister in hours.

As I finish making not-my-best bread, we hear that the Black Pharaoh is coming. We rush out to see and be seen, hoping to fall upon his good graces. His visage is glorious…

…and we’re back. What happened? Weren’t we going to go investigate the archway?

But what I can’t figure out is why Winfield blew himself up.

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Session LXI

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