Session LVI

Find someone to look after Constance before potentially damning myself to the horrors beyond. I decide to take her to the Mosque of Iben Tulun for safe keeping while I am away.

The ritual is completed.

After a couple days rest, we follow up on our lead with the Clive Expedition, meeting with JanWillem Van Heuvelen. The shop where he is staying is mobbed by cats upon our arrival. The shop keeper drives them away as we approach but is happy to welcome us in. When asked about the cats, he explains that they have only started bothering his shop since Van Heuvelen returned from the dig.

When we get to actually talk to Van Heuvelen, he is happy to speak until we start asking about the Clive Expedition. He explains that he was relieved of his position, in exchange for a “better” archeologist – James Gardner. Less than a month ago, they were still digging at Memphis, and should still be in the area.

Mr. Van Heuvelen is obviously hiding something from his recent employ, but when pressed, he reveals that he has a scroll found from the Bent Pyramid. According to his notes – and confirmed by Stanely – it is the black rights of Bast.

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Session LVI

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