Session LV

Staking out the Mosque – for some reason no one will even approach the mosque in the evening… and then I notice a parting of passers by and Tsu Tsi amidst the crowd for a brief moment and then disappears into the fold again. I approach to where I lost saw her to find an empty crowd. Looking in the direction she was facing, I notice a mirror. In the mirror, I see myself, and a small figure standing behind me.

I reach back to let her hold my hand and reveal a portion of her face which is – in fact – maggots. When my hand would come in contact with her, the skies open up and it begins pouring rain.

Constance wakes me up, standing in the marketplace, covered in sweat, staring into a mirror.

The next day, we all of a sudden reason that the mummy stolen from the Clive expedition is likely the body of the Nitocris. And now, with the girdle, they may be able to bring her back to re-summon the Black Pharaoh. We determine that we should go track down any members of the Clive expedition to determine the veracity of this theory.

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Session LV

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