Session LIX

Clive will have none of our theories of Nitocris, and is almost angered when we impress upon him that it may be true. However, a medium in his camp – Agatha – believes that The Dark Queen will rise, to Clive’s exhaustion.

When it is mentioned that Zhang may be “not Chinese,” Clive, Winfield, and Sprecht subtly eye Zhang closely. At the mention of “The Great Race of Yith,” Clive does not react in any manner of surprise, as if he has heard of the Yith.

I finally have to ask why Dr. Clive even has Agatha around as he obviously has no stock in her profession. He gives a long, impressive list of credentials… but hands me a note that reads “She’s my Aunt.”

I retrieve the book that Stanley stole and it turns out to be the journal of Mr. Winfield. Martin Winfield is the son of a prominent member of Parliament – so he is entitled. He also bemoans having to teach Gardner a hard lesson. He also mentions being inclined to unleash the Clutch of Nyothoga to punish Mr. Gardner. My guess is he may be a cultist. Perhaps he is the one who summoned the “mummy.”

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Session LIX

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