Session LIV

We begin our day by sending Hakeem to go learn what he can about the Clive expedition while we go and visit the Mosque of Iben Tulun.

The Cult of the Black Pharoh are here to steal “the Gridle,” a belt belonging to a Pharoh of the third Dynasty. Quite simply, she was an “evil queen.” It is said that the Girdle holds the spirit of the Pharoh, as it was a part of her funerary garments.

An Ulama of religion suggests that if we could lend magical assistance, they would be greatly appreciative. Understandably, I have an issue with this. I propose that we stake out the mosque to prevent the cult from gaining access and possibly track them back to their lair.

Bessart tells us the same tale that Brady told… of the Carlyle expedition entering the Bent Pyramid. (Handout #31)

After telling his story, I usher everyone else from the room and “ease his pain.”

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Session LIV

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