Session LII

Deciding to leave Faraz Najir alone for the day, we travel to The Red Pyramid. It turns out that there are two pyramids: the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid.

We start in the Red Pyramid, finding the shattered eye that Carlyle destroyed on our way in. Realizing the Red Pyramid is more of a tourist location, we approach the Bent Pyramid, which is guarded by four local military.

Both the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid were build by Snefru. There was also a third build in Media, but it has collapsed. We pay the guard to let us into the pyramid, which he agrees to, but also accompanies us.

As we get further into the Bent Pyramid, we come across some hastily scribed hieroglyphics. The story being that he was desperately trying to stop someone or something. Otherwise, however, there is very little to see in this particular entrance. We do, however learn that the Carlyle expedition when in through another entrance, commonly known as the false tomb.

With ridiculous ease, we find a secret passage in the false chamber. A staircase leads up to a chamber with a giant throne, six lights (see My Life as a God), and many bas reliefs.

One relief shows a distorted map of the Africa, Australia and Eurasia with three rubies set in the wall. The rubies mark a location in China/Shanghai, Western Australia, and Kenya. Having already visited China and Australia, we note that Kenya is next.

As we are studying the room and trying to interpret the reliefs and other information, the six gems light and the room shifts. Stanley, sitting in the great throne, shifts his appearance and voice and begins speaking to us in a dozen voices. He threatens us with annihilation and tells us we have no chance. A portal to ancient Egypt opens up, giving us the option to go back to “the real Egypt.” Refusing – or more appropriately – stalling, the portal closes and we are returned to current Egypt, traumatized and confused.

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Session LII

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