Session II

The death of several oddly dressed men has stymied the investigation.

The Carlyle Expedition was initiated by a mysterious woman, not mentioned in the media. Roger Carlyle had meetings with the woman in Harlem. Erica confirms that the bodies of the “leaders” of the expedition were never found. There are undertones in her story that suggest she may still believe that they are somewhere still alive.

It is possible we may get a more candid response out of Victoria Post.

With some gentle convincing, Miss Carlyle allows us privy to some of her dear brother’s notes. This leads us to the question, who pray tell, is Montgomery Crompton?

Flipping through the journal, it falls to my attention an address to the Pennew Foundation, and the name of its director: Edward Gavigan.

It is discovered that Victoria Post has been murdered. Her investigating officer was the same on scene of the Jackson Elias murder. Lieutenant Poole explains that Jackson Elias is the 9th victim in a string of related murders. Until now, there has been no apparent connection between them. Post and Elias are the only ones with an obvious connection.

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Session II

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