Session XXVIII

Confronted by a complicated situation, we begin shooting and stabbing at the problem. Constance notices movement on the ceiling and I attempt to shoot blindly at whatever is up there, only to reveal that there are letters moving around. Guy shoots the rat box on the glass coffin, and inexplicably Dr. Wesley attacks Guy. I never trusted either of them, so I will just let them work it out.

After the mystical circle on the ground starts to fill with a foul fog, I reluctantly, but empirically blast the circle intending to disrupt the magic within, and charge into the circle to get to the girl in the box. Shortly after entering the fog, there is a rifle shot and the fog completely dissipates, leaving a still standing Stanford’s corpse in the circle. Constance is covered in viscera, but once I know that she is not injured, I proceed to Mei Ling in the box with Dr. Wesley. The doctor and I manage to open the box and while he works on her feet, I evaluate her mental state. She is catatonic under the strain of the torture.

Upon leaving Mr. Ho’s manor, we burn that mother fucker down.

Constance and I lay low at the apartment for a week while the others do the same in other locales. After a couple of days, the noises in the closet go quiet. When it comes time for us to leave, we discover Mr. Lin has passed, most violently. He has been attacked by some kind of “beast.” He no longer has a head, and has been sliced up all over. We remove the rope (which has been thoroughly sliced, itself) and all other evidence of our presence and leave the apartment, for good.

During the week, Mr. Mu delivers to Alice at translation of the Seven Cryptical Books of H’san. It details how to create a kind of Eye of Protection.

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Session XXVIII

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