Session XXII

Lin Wang Hiu is an old man; a very old man.

Mr. Lin informs us that a westerner is staying with Mr. Ho – Carl Standford. Mr. Standford is also a powerful sorcerer, perhaps an associate and assistant to Mr. Ho.

We may learn about Mr. Ho at “The Grey Dragon.” Something powerful is being built on the island of The Grey Dragon. Mr. Lin does not believe there is anything out there, but there is too much evidence, pointing to it.

Mr. Lin does not seem to be allied in philosophy with Mr. Ho. He believes that Mr. Ho is a “bad man.” He, however, is afraid of Mr. Ho to the point that he would do anything for him to assure his existence. So while he is definitely not allied with Mr. Ho, he is not formally an enemy, either.

Mr. Lin has in his possession two massive white gorillas; gorillas of inconceivable scale.

Afterwards, we decide to go dig up some information on the Dark Mistress – from the docks or from the Stumbling Tiger.

While shopping, we are attacked by one of Mr. Lin’s guards from a nearby rooftop. This gives me concern about Alice’s visit to Lin’s manor tomorrow evening. The guard, however, is killed by another mysterious shooter.

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Session XXII

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