Session XVIII

We’re on a boat, again.

On February 28, 1925 we land in Hong Kong. We are here to start tracking Jack Brady, known survivor of the Carlyle exhibition.

Jack Brady spent a lot of time in Hong Kong with his friend Randolph Carter, who now resides in a local asylum. It turns out that Randolph Carter is, in fact, Robert Carlyle. He speaks impassioned nonsense until I say his real name at which point he has a moment of clarity.

I attempt to distract the staff by filing out mounds of paperwork, in the hopes that the rest of the team would extract Carlyle from the asylum. Failing that, we being the process to release Carlyle into our care. Within the paperwork, we discover that Randolph Carter’s home address is 10 Lantern Street (see matchbox).

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Session XVIII

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