Session LVIII

We visit the Clive Expedition site in Memphis and firstly meet Mr. Martin Winfield. The expedition site is highly guarded with trenches, razor wire, and probably mines.

Mr. Winfield is a bad, hateful person. Don’t trust him if you can avoid it.

We convince Mr. Winfield to go and gather someone who is more inclined to invite us in and sit down to talk.

Weird occurrences are happening behind me. I believe proper negotiations may be out of the question. In an attempt to resolve things peaceably, I turn and fire a flare into some horrid thing.

It turns out that resolving the situation swiftly, and with fire, grants us an audience with Dr. Clive. They found a hidden chamber that contained an unprepared, well preserved mummy with no identification. In the chamber with her were many trappings, chariots, servants, weapons, etc. I assume those assigned to guard her as she was sentenced to death.

The mummy was absconded from the pyramid itself along with the sarcophagus and two Egyptian guards. There was no signs of passage in the corridors, so the sarcophagus and guards were removed without leaving a trace.

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Session LVIII

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