Session LVII

The Faceless Sphinx was – in some texts – another name for The Black Pharaoh but in other texts an associate or follower of the Pharaoh. Is it possible that they are two personalities in the same body.

Constance arranges a deal whereby we trade photographs of the scroll and pay a “rental fee” to be able to take the original until such a time that Van Heuvelen needs to defend any research he has done based on the translations of the scroll.

Once we leave the shop with the scroll, the cats follow us. We decide to take them to a place where we won’t disturb anyone and try to bring their mistress about. On the way to Ulrich’s house, we are first confronted by a New Yorker, and then realize we are surrounded by hundreds of cats in a fairly deserted marketplace.

Eventually, a larger, very noble looking cat strolls into the marketplace and sits before us, expectantly. We get and are led into the “old city,” down some stairs, and into a place of worship with a statue of Bast.

At the base of the statue is a drawer that looks to be the right size for a set of scrolls. We return the scrolls to the statue and a massive panther arrives that then transforms into the young woman we have seen roaming with the cats. We ask that she explain the importance of the scrolls and we (inadvertently) learn the Black Rights of Bast.

When asked about the Faceless Sphinx, the priestess confirms that it is an ancient entity, separate from the Black Pharaoh, but a cohort of him.

The Black Rights of Bast

  • Gain 9 points of Cthulhu Mythos
  • Make a Sanity Roll – Success: lose 6 points of Sanity – Fail: lose 9 points
  • (Optional) Make a Successful Idea Roll to learn each of the following Rites:
  • - Communion with the Goddess of Cats
  • - Summons of the Child of the House
  • - Bring forth the Faceless Master of Sand
  • - Call unto the Black Pharaoh
  • - Summon the Feasters of the Desert
  • - Call forth the Lord of the Riverbank
  • - Summon and Abjure the Children of the Riverbanks

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Session LVII

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